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White shag rug. When most people think about shag rugs the first thing that comes to mind is that terrible avocado green or burnt orange carpeting from the 70s. Although those horrible colors probably remain somewhere today’s shag rugs are both beautiful trendy. That is why so many of today’s interior decorators love to use them as both room centerpieces also to draw peoples attention in the room.

One of the greatest assets of using these rugs is the fact that there are plenty of bright bold colors available. Using bright colors in the room as accent pieces not only makes the room cheerful and fun, but it also does draw people in and act as a conversation piece as well. Also out are definitely the days of avocado green and burnt orange, today’s stylish colors include colors like bright red, deep blues, and snow white.

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Decorating with shag rugs is extremely easy especially if you have more modern looking furniture. Lets say that you could have white furniture. Almost any bright color goes well with white furniture, but one of several all time favorite colors to work with by interior decorators could be the red shag rug when everything else in the room is white. The bold bright red colorization really creates a focal point and draws your eyes in the center of the room where it is located and then on the surrounding furniture pieces. This post related white shag rug, white shag rug ikea, white shag rugs.

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