Turquoise Runner Rug

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Turquoise runner rug. Runner rugs are normally used in long and narrow spaces which receive a lot of traffic. Staircase, court yards – these are generally two places where runner rugs are used very often. You can either go in for wall to wall carpeting or you can go in for the conventional style where the rug sits in the middle even as the floor is appear on both sides.

If you are using runner rugs on staircases, it can be obvious that you will have to make sure it possesses a great lot of friction and does not allow you to slide. Going in for rough rugs will be a smart move because you will not slip nerve-racking wearing high heels or any uncomfortable footwear.

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If you have kids in your house, you will have to pay special attention to those rugs because kids walk and run very fast. The very last thing you want is for them to trip over the rug and cave in the staircase. You can get a single color sober looking runner rug for the entire stretch. Or, you can go in for smaller rugs or can cut the rug into smaller pieces so that the pattern is different. Or, you can go in for those rugs that have twin borders along with a uniform single colors stretch down the middle. Needless to say, there are several options available in the market. Turquoise runner rug, turquoise chevron runner rug.

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