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Southwestern rug runners. If you value Southwestern home décor, there are specific things you cannot do without. Among them are Southwestern rugs that are usually hand woven. Zapotec rugs in particular are created by Zapotec Indians. They are available in a wide variety of unique designs which will be fantastic for a rustic room, lodge, western ranch, log home or cabin. The patterns are very similar to those of Native American rugs. Many times these rugs come in varying sizes. You can get 20″ by 40″, 32″ by 64″ and even 30″ by 96″. The rug you get will depend on the dimensions of the room you are looking to put it in.

Another great idea would be to take these rugs and hang them on the wall like tapestries. They look fantastic on your wall as well and will also be a great way to ensure that your rustic room does not have naked walls. Put it above the fireplace and it automatically becomes the focal point from the room. Then have a throw pillow or two of the same color or of similar design to carry on the theme. On the dining table, you may also consider placing runner made of the same patterns. You could have one on your coffee table as well. Additionally , toss a saddle blanket on the couch to tie all this in.

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If you are looking for classic rugs, you will find them in a various colors including red and black and they generally have white and grey accents. If you are looking for a traditional rug, the colors to go with are green, dark blue and turquoise. Most people who select these rugs have an appreciation for the hard work that goes in the rugs as well as the skill. For anyone who is really looking to make a statement in the room you are decorating from the Southwestern style, you should consider including buffalo skulls in your décor. Southwestern rug runners, southwestern style rug runners, southwest style rug runners.

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