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Shag area rugs can go just about anywhere in your house, but you do want to use your imagination when you place a number of of them. They are going to make a great accent rug in the middle of your living room if you get one which is tasteful and understated, yet complimentary to your decor. But putting one as a runner in the hallway between your entry and the main area of your house is not a great idea. This is not the area to put shag. You can try to find out what a shag runner would look like there, but it really is not a good look. Shag is definitely a fun, whimsical touch, not really a functional piece.

You can use a shag area rugs in your bedroom. Put one where you get free from bed in the morning. It will feel great between your toes. The shag of today is softer and silkier than it had been in the past when carpet was rather hard on the skin and was something that was made to walk on but not should be like that kind to anything soft. Today, the area rug produced from shag that you find within the store that will go good at your bedroom or within your living room are made of softer fibers, modern designs, and colors which will match the colors you have chosen carefully to compliment your home. It seems good too.

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Many people are discovering that modern shag rugs are extremely comfortable, come in normal colors that are pleasing to the eye, and many of these types of carpets are fairly inexpensive. As increasing numbers of consumers are looking for good carpets to provide the right aesthetic for the room, shag area rugs are once again becoming a popular choice as people are beginning to be familiar with man advantages that shag rugs have to offer over their competition.

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