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Rug runners for hallways – In your own home the hallways are an integral part. They connect different areas of the home. Some people dress this area while others leave it quite bare. Actually you should find rug runners for hallways as these can make your hallways look like a part of your home.

When searching for rug runners for hallways, there is always the possibility of getting something is too long or too wide. How can you get perfectly sized ones every time? Actually there is a simple trick money this successfully.

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The first thing you should do is to measure the hallway that you want to furnish. By easy calculating you can find perfectly sized rug runners for hallways at home in a snap. Now look again at your measurements. From the width of your hallway, you need to subtract 4 inches. So if your hallway is 48 inches wide, you may need something that is 44 inches in width. What this does is give you a 2 inch of space between the sides on the runner to the wall to both sides.

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