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Rug runner for hallway. Hallways are a part of the home. Many householders decorate their hallways, but others tend to leave it bare. Actually a really simple approach to dress up your hallways at home is with a floor rug that is the best size and shape for a narrow area such as this. What you need are runner rugs. How can you get the best sized runner rugs for hallway areas at house?

To ensure that you get the best sized runner, there is a simple trick or rule of thumb that you can follow. This trick will make sure that happened only get the best length for your hallway, but also the top width. By following this simple method, you will be able to get runners that frame your hallway perfectly.

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First of all, you need a tape measure and a pen plus a piece of paper for some easy calculating and for noting down the top length and width that you need. Now, measure the area of your hallway. Receive the exact width and length. From here you can do the simple math. From the width of your hallway, subtract 4 inches. Next time your hallway is about 40 inches wide, your perfect runner width would be about 36 inches. This will supply you with a nice 2 inches of space form the runner to your wall on both sides. Rug runner for hallway, rug runners for hallways cheap, rug runners for hallways home depot, carpet runner for hallway uk.

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