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Round braided rugs have been a simple, affordable way to make your homes more leisurely and colorful for hundreds of years now. But with today’s fast-paced world, few of us have the a chance to create these beautiful fecal material forgotten art. However , young kids these rugs to your homes is always a cause for pride. Designing your own braided rugs and doing them easily by knowing the proper way with satisfying results every time creates unbelievable feeling of fulfillment. Such is the case when you follow these simple instructions.

Proper preparation of braiding strips is of greatest important. Cut material into strips one to three inches wide taking into thing to consider the weight of the fabric; that is, the heavier the fabric, the narrower the strips. Sew strips together diagonally so that after you fold it for braiding there will not be a thickness at seam. It is very important that each one strip has the same thickness so that your finished product probably bulge or swell. Take each strip then fold each side to center then fold strip in half. You can slip stitch these strips to prepare for braiding. Wind strips around a discarded cardboard roll.

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To create the braided oval rug, you should get started with center braid which measures as long as the difference between the width and length of finished rug. Turn braid and fold back an equal length in hairpin shape. Lace or sew these two together side-by-side to make the rug alterable. Sew round and round this core with a large needle and carpet thread. Please don’t pull or stretch braiding strip when sewing or lacing. This post related round braided rugs 8×8, round braided rugs for sale, round braided rugs uk, round braided rugs diy.

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