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Red braided rug – Braided rugs can be traced back from the colonial periods states which truly expresses its long historical background. The very first braided rugs manufacturers were the colonial wives. They didn’t want to waste anything, even worn out and old clothing or blankets. They cut those into strips, braid it, and coil the braided strips into round and oval shapes area rugs.

Today, the old custom of manufacturing braided floor rugs has changed. Manufacturers use wool, cotton, chenille, or a mixture of polyester with various sizes which range from a diameter of 2 feet up to 8×10 feet ovals for room spaces. The designers ensure that the color blends well, such as brown, green, violet, blue
and pastel which accentuates any decorations and also satisfies the needs from the clients having a colonial style dining, or living room like braided carpet rugs.

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There are lots of manufacturers of braided floor rugs however the most popular lines among them are:

Thimbleberries offer braided rugs with fabulous country styles designs produced from combining 50% polyester and cotton available in different sizes. Book Farm offers oval shapes braided rugs with fabulous country styles designs produced from 100% nylon with different color variations such as winter green, blackberry, burgundy, colonial blue, and other hosts colors.

Botanical Isle offers inviting and homey braided floor rugs perfect for the kitchen or any cozy rooms with colors for example kiwi, banana, oasis blue, punch, and other host colors. Jefferson offers round and oval braided rugs in either solid or mixed colors which is available in moss green, red streak, dessert beige, evergreen, and blue ribbon. Spring Meadow offers colored braided rugs within a mixture of rich solid colors right for bedroom or bathroom having colors such as sprout green, dandelion, silken rose, petal blue, and others. Red braided rug, red braided rugs cheap, red braided rug runner, red round braided rug, country red braided rug, solid red braided rug, barn red braided rug, red blue braided rug.

Red Cross Sewn Red Braided Rug Image 79

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