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Purple Shag Rug – A bedroom is a wonderful location to get a luxurious, hand-woven fluffy rug. Stepping onto a soft, fuzzy rug first thing in the morning is an excellent way to start the day. Hand-woven wool rugs look elegant in a bedroom. However , they may have specific care and cleaning requirements. An alternative choice would be a thick, sensuous shag made of hand woven polyester yarn. The 2 inch pile of softness this rug offers might help create a relaxing and romantic mood in the room.

The sophisticated appearance of a leather shag rug makes it an ideal choice to get a modern style room. These rugs are durable and stain resistant. They are a great choice for an area rug or an accent rug. Because they last well in high traffic areas, they also make a good choice to get a hallway or entry way runner. The color and texture of leather shags also makes them a good choice for any room with earth tone colors and a nature themed decor.

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For fun in a family room or child’s room, add more than one brightly colored shags made of olefin. These rugs are inexpensive, stain and fade resistant. Children would love to have some in the bright colors such as fresh nectarine, purple berry, or lime green added to their room. Alternating two electrifying colors in a block pattern adds even more spark to the room. A brightly colored striped shag instantly invites fun to the room. Shag rugs created from cotton tee shirt strips can be a unique and colorful addition to a room with casual decor. This post related purple shag rug, purple shag rugs, purple shag rug ikea target for sale, purple shag rug 8×10 cleaning, shag rug rake.

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