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Purple persian rug. Persian rugs were usually made by hand. In fact , Persian carpets became quite famous when there was no use of machinery to produce any sort of rug. Although these rugs usually stated in Persia (nowadays Iran) countries like Turkey, Afghanistan and Pakistan were also quite known for producing Persian carpets.

Persian carpets are quite different from other rugs. Obviously, there are some reasons for that. They were usually made by experts who used components like silk, wool and cotton for the preparation of Persian carpets. All the components used for the making of such rugs were often of your fine and high quality material. They usually boast of designs of some historical monuments or images of some flowers or birds etc .

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Because of the huge popularity of rugs, they are being produced even today. However , today people or manufacturers of rugs do not use their hands for making rugs. Actually they are used with the help of machines. And that is where the Persian carpets are different. They boast of good quality and, therefore , it means it could be expensive to buy Persian rugs. In fact , buying a Persian rug is like an investment because of the quality value it has among rug lovers. Purple persian rug, purple persian area rug, pink and purple persian rug.

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