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Primitive Braided Rugs. Once you think of a braided rug what do you picture? Moore than likely you see a huge country house with wooden furniture, a big old fireplace, breezy country windows, and also a huge lot with trees and flowers and all sorts of critters. This association is inevitable because braided rugs and country living are inexorably tied to each other. However , you don’tneed a country home to enjoy a braided rug.

A great thing about braided rugs is they are easily adaptable to any living environment. So , while the braided rug is naturally at home inside a big country house, it could just as easily find a invest a more modern home. Because of this anyone can find a use for a braided rug.

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Many urbanites like the look and feel of braided rugs, and country style décor in general, but fear that country décor would be inappropriate in the city. This simply is not true. Actually country décor can be the perfect distraction from the hassle of urban life. Braided rugs work best on wooden floors. Luckily, many older urban homes still have hardwood flooring. Adding a braided rug to a wooden floor is a good and easy way to add some country flare to a city townhouse. Primitive braided rugs wholesale with stars, primitive braided rugs on sale, primitive braided rug runner, primitive country braided rugs.

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