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Plastic rug runner. Even if you are protecting the surface within your rug, you may begin to see some other problems begin to surface. You may begin to notice water droplets under a clear plastic mat. This is only a sign on the damage to come. Even though it is simply not evident, most concrete slabs can have moisture or alkali in the soil beneath that wicks up into the concrete over time. Most of the time we just dont know this is the case because air and gases can traverse carpets, pads and rugs.

Therefore any moisture that creeps up through the slab is able to dry quickly and experience any significant damage until you put something on to the ground that does not allow the air to feed and dry out quickly. That something would be a plastic or rubber mat or runner. The plastic does not breathe, since fact it causes condensation (by a type of solarization) (the plastic or rubber actually draws moisture or alkali up through the slab more quickly).

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Occasionally you don’t even notice a problem until the damage has already been completed. This type of damage can happen under the mat or runner and you will not even notice anything until it is the perfect time to remove or replace it. There are many occasions in my career, where during the removal of a plastic mat, the carpet just falls to pieces and the smell of mildew wafts through the air since you try to lift it started. Or a client will call me to consult about a hump under their rug or carpet that was not there when it was set up. Upon analysis it is almost always a mound of alkali that has eaten its way through the concrete slab, coming to rest being a mound of fine white powder under the rug. Plastic rug runner mats, plastic rug runners hallways, plastic carpet runners for hall, plastic floor runners home depot, plastic carpet runner protector.

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