Making a Braided Rug

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Making a braided rug. Finding how to make your own braided rug can be a very fun and gratifying process. Nowadays so many rugs are manufactured by a industrial dealer who sells them copious. There is nothing wrong with this, but these commercial rugs lack the handmade care and sentimental value that a homemade braided rug has. Since early Colonial times people have been making these braided rugs manually, so learning how to do so yourself is surely a advantageous endeavour. Let’s look at a few of the techniques and materials that you will need.

First of all you will want to do is take inventory of what kind of materials you need to get started. One of the best things do to is buy your supplies at a local craft store. Many of them tend to have a wide array as well as staff who are informed about the process. You will need to buy the raw fabric, a long needle, and thread.

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You have a choice between using cotton fabric and nylon. Cotton is the material that has been used for generations. Its pretty durable and is supplied a wide variety of different colors. Nylon is starting to become a more popular choice nowadays. It also comes in a wide variety of colors but its known to be more durable and stronger. This may be a good idea in case you are making a rug that is going to have an area with a lot of foot traffic. If you want to go with the time aged tradition of making your rug like the settlers, use cotton. If you want to try doing the work in a more modern way, then you could check out nylon fabric. Making a braided rug with yarn, from t-shirts, from plastic bags, from jeans, making a braided wool rug.

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