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Large shag area rugs. Placing other types of rugs by home entrances, sinks, or in other areas where the flooring is more likely to get wet is your clear choice of reducing the chance for falls. Additionally , the softness of shag area rugs offer great cushioning for the first steps of any baby. Shag area rugs come in a huge variety of both bright and pastel colors. They are an easy task to care for if you follow the instructions properly.

Caring for your shag rug properly can extend its usable life indefinitely. Typical maintenance can include regular cleaning with a vacuum and occasional cleaning with a steam machine. Using your vacuum on a regular basis is very important with shag area rugs as the vacuum picks up particles that will damage the carpet fibers. As well as reducing the level of dirt caught under the fibers, vacuuming helps to keep up the look in the shag area rug. It is essential to vacuum at least once a week. You should vacuum twice per week in areas that have heavy foot traffic.

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Additionally, it is important to keep your vacuum in good working in an attempt to maintain a higher level of clean. As the vacuuming can only catch surface dirt, your shag rug may need another method of cleaning periodically. A wet cleaner, like a steam machine, is the most suitable to remove deep carpet soil like oil or grease. This can be done through a small rental machine or by way of a professional service. The level of frequency you complete this type of cleaning depends on the shag rug you have purchased. Large shag area rugs, large cheap shaggy rugs.

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