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Large blue area rugs. One excellent way to add style and character to your home is to use large area rugs. They’re a lovely accessory for any home with so many different options available you can find a method to go with any décor. The main element to using large mats to enhance your décor is placement. These rugs are typically used in dinning rooms, areas and large bedrooms. Since they cover a large portion of the floor, to place them is very important to achieve the best look.

Large area rugs put in bedrooms don’t need to be centered but having an equal level of space left uncovered on at least two sides highly recommended. When placed in a dinning room, only the table and chairs should be around the rug. However , keep in mind, the rug should be large enough allowing room for the chairs to get slid back far enough for you to get in and out of them easily without them sliding off the edge. Here’s a bonus tip, Momeni rugs look wonderful in dinning rooms.

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If you plan to position the rug near a door, make sure there is enough clearance between the bottom in the door and the floor because of it to open smoothly. As a general rule, when placing the large area rug in a open space, it should be put in the center of the room allowing the exterior of the floor to show. This is especially important when using rugs on hardwood floors. Large Blue Area Rugs, large solid blue area rug, large blue and white area rugs.

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