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Extra long runner rug. Rugs are great for any room or area with tile, hardwood or laminate flooring that really needs an extra bit of warmth. Additionally they can add an element of style and texture to a room which is carpeted Rugs protect feet from floors that are too hot, floors that are too cold and provide some traction for your crazy pets who choose to tear around the house at top speeds.

Runners are long and narrow rugs that are ideal for front entry ways and hallways. To have an entry way runner, measure the width of your door and the length of the entry way. Subtract 12 inches through the length of your entry way and you will have dimension for you personally runner. For a hallway, measure the length and width from the hallway. Subtract 12 inches from the width and 24 inches from the length for your dimension of the rug.

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arpet runners can be a slip or trip hazard for the elderly, young children or anyone who is unaware of the slight difference in floor level as they move from one floor covering to another. They are able to also prove a hazard on stairs if they are not fitted correctly. After all when you step onto the carpet runner it moves, so can you… to the bottom from the stairs. As such it is very important whether fitted to stairs or installed in a hallway or lounge the carpet runner is correctly fixed and as flush as possible with the floor. Extra long runner rug for hallway, extra long rug runners cheap, extra long rug runners home, extra long bathroom runner rugs, extra long black runner rug.

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