Extra Long Rug Runners

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Extra long rug runners. These rugs are used to complement area rugs but they can also be used on their own to achieve the intended purpose. They can also be used in traditional decoration or you can decide what to do with them. They come in different shapes and sizes.

Apart from their usual rectangular shape, there other long rug runners with a tapering point effect, best suited for large rooms. These can be used to highlight a particular area of the house, that you want to be noticed. There are others with rounded ends, decorative jagged ends with bright tassels on them, among others. Various materials are used to make them, which are not very hard to find. They include; sisal wool, sea grass, jute, hemp, Mountain grass e.t.c.

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Rug runners can also be used instead of area rugs as a replacement. They manage to blend well with the rest of the items in your house, and they still give comfort as well as area rugs do. Another added advantage is that, they can be useful in other areas of the house. With an underneath pad, they can be used on the staircase as a decoration. Extra long rug runners for hallways, extra long rug runners cheap, extra long rug runners home, extra long carpet runners, extra long carpet runners for hall.

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