Cleaning Persian Rugs

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Cleaning Persian rugs requires care and attention. However , the full rug doesn’t get dirty simultaneously. Some portions require yearly cleaning, while you can leave other areas for years without cleaning. If the rug is small , you can clean it outside your house, preferably in the garage. You should wash the Persian rug on a bright sunny day so that it dries quickly. You can wash the rug with cool water or a rug shampoo. It’s advisable to use a soft, longhaired brush while cleaning Persian rugs.

A Persian rug is definitely one of your biggest investments. So you need to take care of your rugs so that they don’t lose their shine. Any time you find a stain on your rug, you must promptly clean up. You will be able to remove the stain easily if you take action immediately. You should always use a paper towel to remove the stain. For the reason that rugs are gentle and soft, you shouldn’t use excessive pressure, or scrub them forcefully. You need to clean the Persian rugs with running water. Also, don’t forget to squeeze out the additional water. Then you can lay the rugs outside your home to be dried. Try to dry both sides on the rugs.

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Also, you should be extremely cautious while applying spot remover. Some spot removers are incredibly harsh that they can get rid of the colour of your rugs altogether. So while cleaning Persian rugs you should try the spot remover with a very small area. If the result is satisfactory, you can proceed to use the spot remover for the complete rug. After all, you can’t afford to damage your rugs. If you find cleaning Persian rugs too complex, you can get help from the rug dealers. The dealers have specialist rug-cleaning teams. They will take care of cleaning your Persian rugs.

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