Charcoal Gray Braided Rug

Charcoal Gray Braided Rug Bay Isle Home Belhaven Charcoal Area Rug Photo 41

Charcoal Gray braided rug. Braided rugs are a great addition to some home that wants an easy feel but not too formal looking. Braided rugs are self explanatory, it’s three strips of fabric braided together and then woven into a pattern, usually circular. For an oval rug the center braid really should be one inch longer versus the width-length in feet. Braided rugs are extremely sturdy, long wearing, comfortable to walk on and are usually easy to nurture. A glance in any department store catalog will give you several options to choose from. Some require professional cleaning, other medication is spot clean, others require spills be sponged up quickly. Today’s rugs tend to be reversible so you get double life out of them. When one side is stained too badly or starts looking rough, just transform over.

They are great for rustic decorating when paired with rustic iron or timber furniture. Most of them are multi colored in a seemingly haphazard fashion, others are very uniform in pattern. Braided rugs are fantastic for all areas and surfaces and so are offered in assorted colors, styles and sizes. Braided rugs are traditionally found in oval shapes, but other shapes can be purchased including square, rectangle and true circle. Long runners are also available.

Charcoal Gray Braided Rug Bay Isle Home Belhaven Charcoal Area Rug Photo 41

They’re very thick and thus very soft and cushiony under your toes. If the rug is made of natural fibers it may feel softer although those are generally costlier also. The great news is always that these rugs are tough. Their multi colored patterns hide a lot of wear so when long as you get one reasonably made it will last you a period of time. Gray braided rug, gray wool braided rug, gray braided area rugs, charcoal gray braided rugs, yellow and gray braided rug, black and gray braided rug, gray and white braided rug.

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