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Braided wool rugs. If you are redecorating your older home, purchasing a new one or you merely want to give a new look in your dining room, you should consider the benefits of a wool rug. These are perfect for bedrooms, kitchens, dining areas, family rooms and even utility areas. Not only do they provide a pleasing aesthetic appeal to your room, but they also add warmth and comfort. These rugs look good on any type of existing flooring.

In the dining room, a wool rug is traditionally seen on a hard wood floor. With today’s variety of patterns and colours, you can find one that will look nice with virtually any flooring surface. No matter what your floor is constructed of, from travertine to slate, there are rugs that will match your flooring and your room décor. When used in your kitchen, a smaller version is great for placing in front of the sink and/or the location where you typically stand to accomplish any counter work. This allows a nice soft area to stand on. The cushioning will help reduce fatigue inside your feet, legs and back. A wool rug provides the same benefits in a utility room as you will get from it with the food prep. In the bedroom or family room, you should use these rugs to accent your furnishings and help draw color to a neutrally decorated room.

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A wool rug can be made in a variety of techniques such as braided, tufted, knotted, hooked or woven. The braided rugs are the type which could come to mind when you think about the rugs covering Grandma’s floors once you were growing up. These are usually oblong and can be purchased to protect large areas, such as the most a room down to small areas, such as an entryway. This kind has made a comeback lately and is sometimes classified with ‘Primitive’ décor. The tufted, knotted, hooked and woven are those that are known as ‘Oriental rugs’, ‘shag rugs’ or ‘sheepskin rugs’. They come in colorings or patterns. Patterns ranges from traditional Asian styling to modern squares and anything in between. Woven usually forms a flat surface, even though the surfaces of the others are fluffier. Any of these look nice with nearly all decorating style. Braided wool rugs, braided rug stair treads, braided runner rugs, red braided rug, braided rugs clearance.

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