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Braided tshirt rug. Braided rugs are with us because the white men landed within the Americas. It is a tradition which we love to retain with all its old charm and grace. It really is obvious that it does not require any high technological innovation or computer controlled precision, otherwise how could the ladies hundreds of years ago make such exotic braided rugs out of rags. But some of us wonder what it requires is concentration, dedication and above all love and respect towards both the craft and the product. So , should you really love braided rugs and admire their intricate artistry, let’s not waste any longer time and get cracking with all the job at hand.

Cut materials you have with you into roughly two inch wide strips. If you feel that the material is on the thinner side, face the strips about three inches wide. Instead of sewing the strips together and rolling them into a ball before you start braiding, I would suggest you to begin braiding and sewing the material when you progress. I have found that this way there are lesser number of tangles and knots which be a big hassle and take ages to unravel.

Braided Tshirt Rug No Sew Pic 76

Tie the strips together and loop them over a doorknob or a handle or a hook of some sort and start setting up a three strip braid just in the same way as those who have long hair braid it. While joining the strips be mindful that there are no weak joints as they might spoil the complete show. The best way to join the strips is to hold them at right angles and sew a diagonal seam throughout the square so formed. Essential point to note is once you start braiding fold the ragged outside edges of the strips slightly inwards so that you can find no rough and jagged edges of cloth on the outer side of the braided rug you are going to make. Braided tshirt rug no sew, braided tshirt rug youtube video, t shirt braided rag rug, crochet braided tshirt rug.

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