Braided Rug Stair Treads

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Braided rug stair treads – While you are looking to protect the surface of the stairs, no matter whether they have been covered with carpet or have been left bare you will have to think about a couple of effective alternatives. The main reason stairs should be given a protective covering is to guard them against the wear and tear of constant traffic that will be moving up and down the stairs. Braided rug stair treads are hard-wearing rugs that will withstand the amount of traffic that will be using them as well as provide a surface that will both look good and feel good underfoot.

There are a few choices available with regards to the types of braided rug stair treads to use. Possibly the most commonly utilized are oval rugs. They are going to have the appearance of really small runner rugs but have been scaled down so they fit the length and breadth of every stair tread. The oval shape provides some nice rounded edges that look very effective against the square edges of each step.

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The other shape that is easily sourced may be the rectangular braided rug, another commonly used shape for braided rugs. Again, these rugs which look considerably like miniature area rugs are placed in the center of the tread where they are going to see the most foot traffic. Braided rug stair treads, braided runner rugs, red braided rug.

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