Braided Rug Runners

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Braided rug runners. Braided rugs have been around for over 200 years and they are part of the history of rug making. These kinds of rugs have been passed on from generation to generation diagnosed with enjoyed the warmth, color and texture in their home. You will discover braided rugs in a range of colors, shapes and sizes.

Braided rugs are produced by hand. Using either wool or nylon material, three strands of cord are manufactured and these strands are braided. The braids are then stitched together to create the specified shape. The effort and skill that go in to the rugs ensure that they are durable and long lasting.

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A braided rug is ideal for a home who wants a snug feel to it. They can suit almost any home from the traditional to the modern. It all is determined by the color and type you’ve selected. Given that there are a wide range of colors and shapes available you mustn’t find it difficult to buy a braided rug that suits your decor. They can be used for a runner up a hall or as the focal point of a specific room.

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