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Braided rag rug. For the touch of nostalgia or even a country feel in your home, you should consider the addition of a braided rug. Sometimes known as rag rugs, these rugs identified for hundreds of years. You can find them in a variety of colors and sizes. Created from tightly bound braided strips, which are created by lengths of cloth, these rugs are made to be strong and durable. In fact , it isn’t unusual to find braided rugs which have been passed down as family heirlooms in many homes.

Caring for your braided carpet is fairly simple. As with all rugs, you need to vacuum at least twice a week, depending on foot traffic over your rug. In case you have your rug in a highly foot-tracked area of your home, you may have to vacuum more frequently. About every three to six months, you should clean your rug more thoroughly. Using a home steam cleaner or water-based cleaner is a great solution. You want a machine which will push heated steam with cleaning solution, manufactured from a mild carpet detergent, to the fibers. These machines are supposed to push the solution deep and after that pull it up along with dirt, leaving the carpet almost completely dry. Once you have cleaned your rug, if it is small , and lay it flat, somewhere where it will not be walked on, until it is completely dry. If it is too large, just keep foot traffic off of the rug until it is completely dry. Should you choose these things, you are guaranteed to enjoy your carpet for many years ahead.

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The only weapon that one needs is the basic sewing skills. After the usual stitching and braiding processes have been completed, if the carpet looks excessively dashing, then you can even consider gifting the handmade rag rugs to someone. Things are simple enough for all to know and execute. Prepare each of the material that is needed beginning with fabric, scissors, needle, thread and an iron to buy the perfect finishing. Braided rag rug patterns, braided rag rug how to make, braided rag rug no sew for sale, no-sew instructions, kits, tutorial no sew.

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