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Braided jute rug. One material that is widely used for braided rugs is jute. Jute fiber has been useful for thousands of years for everything from rope and twine to paper and other commercial uses like backing for carpet. Unlike synthetic materials, jute includes a tremendous advantage since it is very biodegradable. When it is processed in several ways, jute can be fashioned into fabrics and yarns that can then be and woven into beautiful braided rugs.

Jute can be dyed and colored in several ways, including the use of vegetable as well as other types of plant based dyes. When dyed properly, jute will retain the color quite well. It truly is color fast, meaning area will not fade with use. Jute can be treated with certain chemicals and compounds that will improve qualities such as softness and workability. This is important when jute is used in yarn applications. To make yarns, jute is often blended with cotton, wool or other fabrics adding strength and durability.

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Like other widely used plant fibers like bamboo and hemp, jute is a renewable fiber source that grows prolifically without necessity for chemical substance fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides. Including the fibrous internal materials of the jute stalk which is used to generate the fiber, almost all associated with the jute plant is utilized. Even the leaves tend to be used like a food resource. Braided jute rug 8×10 12×15 9×12 10×14, braided jute rug with fringe, braided jute rug runners.

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