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Black Shag Rug – Shag are rugs that contain a deep pile, more deeply than the average rug. Translated into everyday language, therefore the rug is thicker because the yarn strands are longer. This is why these rugs are sometimes referred to as shag pile rugs. The result of these longer yard strands is addictive, luxurious comfort. These are rugs you can really sink you into!

Shag rugs are the best in the rooms in your home in which crave a little bit of extra comfortableness relaxation, like the bedroom. Know how horrible it is to get in the morning and place your feet with a stone-cold floor? Put your shag pile rug right by the bed so that the right off the bat you feel when your feet hit the floor is its rich, cosy texture. Another great spot for these rugs is in front of your living room couch, to ensure after a hard day at work you can throw off your business shoes and treat your tired feet to the plush comfort of your favourite item of home decor. Even better than a foot massage!

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If you’re thinking that because shag rugs have their roots in the 70s that means they limit your home design options, think again. Purchasing a shag rug for your house doesn’t automatically mean you have to find other retro furniture pieces that match a newly purchased rug. In fact , I encourage you to do just the opposite! Shag area rugs are a wonderful addition to a room that includes a contemporary style. Contemporary design often relies on sleek lines and smooth furniture, plus the texture of a shaggy rug provides the perfect contrast. This post related black shag rug,black shag rugs, black shag rug ikea target for sale, black shag rug 8×10.

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