Black and White Striped Runner Rug

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Black and white striped runner rug. Contemporary designs allow more room for testing than traditional rugs. It can be mixed and matched to attain the overall effect that you want. Not only that, it is way cheaper than the others because of simpler styles that make for easier weaving. But prices will vary depending on the material and kind of weaving used. Designs range from solid colors and stripes to simple flower and geometric designs. With contemporary designer rugs, there is something to suit to everyone’s taste.

Every zebra belongs to one of the three branches of the zebra species. The hide of the regally-named “imperial zebra” has about eighty narrow stripes; that of the mountain zebra has about fifty-five narrow vertical stripes and three wider horizontal bands along the outside of its hindquarters; and the most typical hide of all, that of the Burchelli zebra, the huge herds in which are frequently culled by wildlife management, has twenty-six wide stripes, vertical along its shoulder blades and transitioning to horizontal along its ribcage and hindquarters. Easiest zebra rugs are made from the hides of Burchelli zebras.

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If you love the look of natural zebra rugs, but are worried about their expense or worried about sustaining the wild zebra population, you can still have the fun of designing with synthetic, or faux, zebra rugs. Synthetic zebra rugs are not limited to the hide shapes of their natural counterparts; you can find them in rectangles, and runners, of varied sizes. Made of inexpensive washable carved propylene fibers, they give the structure of genuine zebra rugs. And they will give you the true black-and-white color scheme that you simply can’t find in natural zebra rugs. Black and white striped runner rug, striped runner rugs for sale, red striped runner rug, striped hall runner rug, striped cotton runner rugs.

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