15 Foot Runner Rug

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15 foot runner rug. If you are out looking to buy a rug for your home, there’s probably a good chance where you want to place it. While most people usually would lay their rug in the main living area of the home, not too many people realize that they’re not limited to just one section of the home. Depending on the type of rug and perhaps even the material, you should use a rug in just about any part of the home.

As decorative accents rugs serve a beneficial purpose in that they protect linoleum, hardwood and carpeted floors from regular wear from foot traffic or rolling chairs, which help keep the warm air within your home during the winter months. Albeit that having a large area rug in the heart of your living room is a good idea, it is . not a bad idea to consider other parts of your home, such as those areas that have bare floors. Popular spots around the house that can always use a rug include the dining rooms, hallways and even the bedroom.

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If you’re thinking about putting a rug along the floors of your hallway, I suggest you search at rug runners. Rug runners are usually longer length wise and slimmer in width, exquisite for lying atop hallway floors. They’re even ideal for stairs, which will definitely provide traction, preventing any falls from stairs. 15 foot runner rug, 15 foot long runner rug.

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