14 Foot Runner Rug

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14 foot runner rug. Although you may don’t have any runner rugs at home, you probably come across them almost every day. Runner rugs certainly are a fixture in the flooring world, and there are many reasons to consider using them. Used as decorative pieces in many homes, they certainly a great job at diminishing a number of the blandness that comes in a space with ordinary flooring.

Require a hallway, for instance. The narrow structure of the runner rug aligns itself perfectly quite a few hallways, providing a great accent to what otherwise might be a dark room. Another popular use of runner rugs is stairways. While traditional stairway carpeting can cost a lot of money, runners are more affordable when accustomed to pad stairs.

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14 foot runner rug. Not only will they provide traction, making it not as likely that you slip and fall, but they genuinely look good, whether or not they take up the entire width in the stairway or not. There are temporary uses for these rugs also. In my apartment building, like a rug like this is obviously placed on the floor of the lobby whenever it rains.

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